2018 Year in Music: Top 10

For years, I’ve made Top 10 lists of my favorite albums of each year. This year, I decided I would use the occasion to begin my official TSM Podcast. Equipped with some fantastic gin and my trusty sidekick, Richard Wooten (dummer extraordinaire, producer, owner of Liminal Coast Records, and a true peach of a man), we set out to ramble ad nauseam about my favorite albums of 2018. As a preview, of the ten albums, I’ve added the list below with supplemental materials to correspond with each album/artist. Now…go listen!

10. Wardruna – Skald (song – Voluspa)

9. Haken – Vector (song – Puzzle Box)

8. Christina Aguilera – Liberation (song – Fall in Line)

7. The Weeknd – My Dear Melancholy (song – Call Out My Name)

6. Eminem – Kamikaze (song – Lucky You)

5. Behemoth – ILYAYD (song – Bartzabel)

4. Aurora – Infections of a Different Kind (Step 1) (song – Queendom)

3. Florence and the Machine – High as Hope (song – Big God)

2. Heilung – Lifa (song – Krigsgaldr)

1. A Perfect Circle – Eat the Elephant (song – So Long and Thanks for All the Fish)

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