False Starts and Cold Hearts

That last post in August was a pretentious little piece, wasn’t it? And all that grandstanding about, “I’m back!” Well, you know…good intentions paving the road to hell and all that. Today, it’s early May, it’s 5pm somewhere and I’m working on some marketing pieces, while enjoying some Pink Floyd and tequila in the warm sun. In deference to the last post, I was jaded again this morning, but not this afternoon – and it has nothing to do with the tequila, I assure you (that was only a recent addition to the afternoon’s bliss). I think being jaded is a natural reaction to an overwhelming events that fall into the disappointment category. However, when we talk about issues of equity and justice, I mean let’s face it…I’m a white, middle-aged, cis-gender male with a penchant for too much coffee and not enough cigars. I’m hardly faced with the lifelong, uphill battle that many of my friends and loved ones face on the regular. Mine is the setback of the novice, the inconvenience of some temporary loss of control from which I was birthed and from which I will always nurse. I cannot affect change as quickly as I would like. Boohoo for me, right? My boots are on the ground but they’re certainly not blood stained. Hell, they’re really not even that muddy.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is one of those moments when my privilege comes shining through brighter than my silvery hair.

“The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

The truth is, there is so much more still for me to learn.

So many more stories for me to hear.

So many more eyes to stare into with the resolve and the stamina of the decades of work behind me on the shoulders of the real giants.

And no, this is not the time to step off or the time to lay in wait. This is the time to get ready because it’s just getting interesting.

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